Risk Management & Insurance

“Eagle Insurance has served the needs of Greater Hudson Valley Health System thoroughly and effectively for several years. Tim George and his team consistently provide us the highest quality products, backed up by unfailingly courteous and responsive customer service. Eagle’s expertise with product analysis and pricing, claims management, and complex contract review are second to none.”

- Joe

PS: And the best part is, we really mean it!

Risk Management & Insurance


 "Just as Contract Review is critical to the Risk Transfer discipline, establishing and maintaining a Robust Safety Culture is critical to Reducing Losses and Minimizing the Costs of Risk! 


With a strong emphasis on Industry Best Practices, we assist our clients in strengthening their Safety Culture and Practices, incorporating the following Essential Program Elements:


 1) Strong Senior Safety Leadership evidenced by active Safety Champions throughout


2) Management Accountability Program components are part of overall Safety Program;


3) Clearly defined Safety Programs are regularly communicated and enforced;


4) Risk Funding Plans support and reward Claim Frequency and Severity Reductions;


5) Chosen Service Providers deliver Quality Risk Consulting Services (i.e. Fire Prevention,
     Predictive / Preventive Maintenance, Employee Safety, Patient Safety, Product  
     Liability, etc.);


6) Integration with Quality Claims Management Services. Use of Detailed Claims Analysis
     coupled with Organizational Assessment Tools focused on Risk Identification, 
     quantification and reduction;


7) Active broker management and oversight of program activities and performance by
     your service team representatives.


On behalf of our valued clients, The Eagle Insurance Agency excels in the management and oversight of Safety Programs. We make certain the best personnel work on our Clients Service Team. We work closely with our clients Risk Management and Human Resource professionals and service providers to ensure the customized service plans mutually developed address our clients service needs and achieve their stated objectives. As with any risk management process, we continually monitor the performance of the services provided and the results thereof. "  See Exhibit under Workers' Compensation Cost Minimization.