Risk Management & Insurance

“The Eagle Insurance Agency has provided exceptional contract review services to SLCH for years. These services have supported the hospitals efforts to minimize our contractual exposures to loss and overall Costs of Risk.”  

Lori Masterson, Esq., Vice President/General Counsel (St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital)

Contract / Policy Review 

The importance of contract review in the risk management process should not be understated.   A majority of the contracts we review go well beyond the scope of available insurance coverage. Furthermore they unduly place potential liability on the insured that ultimately should be placed onto a third party.


To avoid or minimize the assumption of risk by our clients, The Eagle Insurance Agency devotes considerable time and effort to the Policy and Contract Review Processes. Our expertise and service in this area is unmatched within the industry.


The following contractual agreements are prime examples of documents that both protect and place liabilities as well as responsibilities upon our insured's.


  • Insurance Policies
  • Leasing Agreements
  • Purchase Orders / Agreements
  • Lender / Finance Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Staffing Agreements
  • Clinical Affiliation Agreements