Risk Management & Insurance

“Thank you to the Eagle Insurance Team for their unparalleled quality, professionalism and service. Tom Lynch, VP of Claims Management and Tim George, President have both demonstrated a true passion and expertise that we have come to rely on. In working with multiple carriers they have both given a quality customer focused service that is unsurpassed in the healthcare industry.  Thank you to this exceptional team!” 

Lynne Hobler RN, COHN-S, Manager, Occupational Health

St Luke’s Cornwall Hospital

Claims Management 

At the time of a claim is when the rubber meets the road in the insurance contract.  The Eagle has an experienced and dedicated claims staff to ensure the best possible outcome in the claims process.    


Our services include:


  • Provide coverage analysis to our client prior to loss submission to carrier
  • Provide industry-segmented claim expertise to our client
  • Act as a claims advocate for insured providing support before, during and after a loss.
  • Establish mutually agreed upon claim handling procedures with carrier and client
  • Ensure that carrier partners adhere to Best Practice claim handling standards
  • Analyze claims history for trending to assist in development opportunities for our clients
  • Quarterly claim reviews with insured and carrier to confirm reserve accuracy and appropriateness