Actuarial, Analytic & Benchmarking Services 

 As a recognized leader in the industry, the agency works exclusively with Aon Risk Solutions for Actuarial, Analytic and Benchmarking Services.  We have found their skilled services to be responsive and competitively priced.


Per Aon's Website, their services are designed to help clients:


  • Manage their TCOR (Total Cost of Risk)
  • Lower collateral requirements and letters of credit held by insurance carriers
  • Determine cost savings associated with different retentions or deductibles
  • Demonstrate to auditors that you have adequately quantified your liabilities
  • Quantify potential volatility of self-insurance or insurance costs for the upcoming year


Actuarial reports we regularly commission for our business clients include:


                 * Industry and Product Line Specific Benchmark Analysis


                 * Casualty Loss and ALAE Forecasts


                 * Tail Liability Estimates


Understanding the relationship between risk and price and quantifying the costs of potential risk financing techniques (i.e. Commercial Insurance, Self Insurance, Alternative Risk Transfer, and large deductible, retention options etc.) allows our clients to make informed strategic and program decisions.