Account Management

Our Account Management Services are focused on minimizing our clients cost of risk management and insurance while easing their administrative efforts and burdens.


Examples of the quality services we provide:


We conduct detailed Risk Financing Plan Reviews. For each line of coverage, we analyze Rating Exposures, Loss Experience, Rates and Pricing, Retentions / Deductibles and Policy Forms / Endorsements to develop Optimum Program Structures and Pricing;


We provide detailed Renewal Packets to our clients to aid the gathering of critical underwriting data and information;


We assemble all inclusive Professional Submissions to the global marketplace;


We assemble Customized Client Insurance Manuals which serve as a valuable program reference guide;


We repeatedly monitor the service performance of the insurance companies along with their Financial Ratings;


We actively manage the delivery of Safety / Loss Prevention and Claims Management Services with a focus on Industry Best Practices.


We secure and maintain detailed historical Loss Summaries and information on every placement we manage.